REVIVER Advanced Electrolyte Salt & Vitamin Tablets

Ever have an INTENSE workout or a few too many drinks? We’ve all been there. Get any headaches, fatigue, nausea, muscle cramps, or dizziness? You’re probably dehydrated & need electrolyte replacement.

Electrolyte fluid loss (sodium, chloride, some potassium, and a little calcium & magnesium) is the cause of these symptoms. Whether from a hangover, strenuous activity, or food poisoning the first thing doctors administer is an electrolyte IV bag. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of IV Fluids on a regular basis, and water alone is not enough!

Enter REVIVER Electrolyte Tablets

  • Recent studies show oral rehydration salts to be as effective or even superior to a saline IV!
  • REVIVER is the MOST complete electrolyte supplement to help you prevent dehydration, rehydrate, & feel great.
  • Use with a solid nutrition & hydration plan, to optimize stamina & muscle performance while reducing muscle fatigue during endurance events or drinking “marathons” alike!
  • Like an adult Pedialyte, just MUCH BETTER.
  • At 120 pill capsules/bottle, it’s the best value you can get.

What makes REVIVER the best?

  • Unlike other salt tablets or “hangover pills”, we use a full spectrum, proprietary blend of 6 vital electrolytes, in rapidly absorbable forms, with a balanced ratio of each to effectively replenish what’s lost.
  • Our Vitamins B6, C, & D blend not only boosts absorption, but B6 & C are the ONLY vitamins scientifically shown to help as a hangover cure.
  • Not loaded sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, coloring, questionable “herbal remedies”, or potentially dangerous substances. Only natural non-GMO ingredients. 100% gluten/soy/dairy/yeast free, & NO caffeine.
  • Made & manufactured in the USA in an FDA regulated, NSF GMP-certified facility, unlike other brands with ambiguous origins.

REVIVER Electrolyte & Vitamin Tablets were developed by Reviver Science.